Hello, World!

I have been contemplating the value of social media. I decided to abandon Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more for better or worse. As a result, I am creating this wordpress blog to collect my thoughts, images, videos, and more in a single space.

You may know me already.

On Twitch, I am Phonevon: I stream three times a week, usually Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

On YouTube, I have a channel for Phonevon as well:

I also have a biblical studies YouTube channel that I no longer maintain:

I have had a personal blog on wordpress that has been a host for my academic papers, sports and hobbyist thoughts and ideas, and more:

I have Twitter as well:

I have other accounts and blogs peppered across the internet, and I also have a Discord server, but I am not trying to consolidate everything into one site.

My aim here is to abandon social media, which has become part of mainstream media and is in many ways from my point of view a problem for society and something for which I no longer want any involvement.

What can you expect on this site? Come here for short statements, which will replace my tweets. Come here for long statements or articles that will replace my twitter threads and other blog-type articles. Contents will focus on gaming. I am not interested in politics or religion here—just games.

If I do post anything on sports, politics, religion, or other personal interests, those will be on my Iakobou wordpress blog, which I will soon revive.

See you on the line!

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