The Quest for the Perfect Keyboard: VortexGear Race 3

I love mechanical keyboards. This Vortex Race 3 (Rac3) was my first.


My coworker has been using this tiny mechanical keyboard for a while now, and, although I previously thought he was silly for it, I now see its appeal and benefits.

I currently find myself on the quest to find the perfect keyboard for myself as a result.

However, my same coworker says there is no such a hint as the perfect keyboard, so I should stick with the first one I find and purchase.

That became a personal challenge for me to prove wrong.

I started with a Vortex Race 3. It’s a 75% keyboard, smaller than a ten key-less, but still includes arrows and some special buttons like home, end, etc. I got it with Cherry MX Blue switches.

I like the Blue switches. They are tactile and clicky, meaning there is a bump you can slightly feel and a sound you can hear.

I like the programmable layers…

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