The WhiteFox and my quest for the perfect keyboard

After my Vortex Race 3, I tried out the WhiteFox. Here were my initial impressions.


I purchased the Vortex Race 3 (Rac3) not long ago, but I was not entirely pleased with it. After much research, I purchased the WhiteFox from Input Club.

Initial impressions: I really like the materials, construction and build quality, colorway, Cherry MX Clear switches, and extra keycaps; the keycaps feel nice and I like that it has homing bumps on F and J; and the USB-C cable is awesome.

Initial frustrations: backspace is relocated to backslash, and I can’t get used to it a la the TrueFox layout; I thought this keyboard is backlit, but it is not; grave accent relocated to right side of number row next to the relocated backslash, neither of which is working for me; getting Homebrew installed was a little problematic but I got it figured out only to discover that I can’t get macros to work using KLL (no0b problems); and function keys don’t…

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