Far Cry 5 won’t let me use CAPS Lock for Crouch: QMK to the rescue

Far Cry 5 won’t allow CAPS Lock to be assigned a keybind, so I discuss how I used QMK to overcome this issue.

I am using a Massdrop CTRL keyboard that includes QMK.

I came across a situation in today’s stream where Far Cry 5 won’t allow me to set CAPS Lock to Crouch in my keybinds. I had to opt for Left Control instead, which is most uncomfortable.

Have no fear! QMK is here!

I just programmed layer 2 to swap the Left Control and CAPS Lock keys, so now I can use my physical CAPS Lock key, which registers in the software as Left Control, for my keybinds and make it more comfortable. Sweet!

What about you? What keybinds do you like for crouch in video games? Do you like Left Control, CAPS Lock, C, or another key? What have you done when the game won’t allow you to use the key you would prefer?

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