POK3R RGB LE: a quick reference guide and review

I love my VortexGear Pok3r RGB Limited Edition–now. I didn’t absolutely love it when I first got it. I use it currently to save space on my desk with my stream PC so that my MassDrop CTRL isn’t cramped on my gaming PC. But below were my initial impressions of this 60% keeb.


In my quest for the perfect keyboard, I picked up a Pok3r RGB LE on Massdrop a few months back. I’ve already determined that a 60% board is not for me; I’ve confirmed this fact with the missing arrow keys on this board as I wrote this article tonight! But I’ll keep this board for one of my computers. It’s too pretty not to.

The manual for this device sucks, so I’m going to start there and then go over the keys, switches, arbitrary programming, RGB programming, and case.

The manual fails to mention that Pn is the Menu key next to Fn. When it comes time to set RGB backlighting, use the Menu key. Same is true for arbitrary programming.

The manual also fails to mention that you must cycle through modes as well as colors when setting RGB. There’s an asterisk in the manual, so it nearly got…

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