Massdrop’s CTRL Mechanical Keyboard: my final review, including a quick start guide, how to flash the keyboard, how to modify the RGB, and more

My current gaming keyboard, the Massdrop CTRL. Here were my initial thoughts. I have since upgraded the switches from Kailh Box Whites to Cherry MX Silent Reds, and I have modified the QMK to be more standard albeit one change: moving left CTRL to CAPS position on Fn + F1 (for the purposes of Far Cry 5). It’s an awesome keeb!


Okay. I like this keyboard. I do. It’s TKL, which I realize now I need, need, need. It’s RGB. Custom blues are pretty! It’s got separate function row keys and media keys. It’s got full size keys. It’s got arrow keys. It’s got QMK. It’s got clicky Kailh BOX White keys. I really do like this keyboard.


After using this keyboard for a couple of days, I’ve really been taken aback by several things:

  • Flashing
  • RGB
  • Marketing vs. Production
  • Wake from Sleep
  • Macros
  • Light and Slippery
  • Quality CTRL
  • USB-C

Before I talk in depth about each of those shortcomings, let me first add a couple of positive notes. First, through all of this, I discovered PAUSE instantly turns off the displays in Mac and locks them. Awesome!

Second, as I indicated before, I am really enjoying the Kailh Box Whites—not as loud on the THOC but it is smooth, clicky—I…

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