Why do I have a Twitch Channel?

While I have a website, I still need Twitch as a service to provide live entertainment, virtual hangouts.

If you haven’t done so yet, please click the click and drop me a follow:


I stream. It’s a live medium of entertainment. Viewers can come and watch me play video games. Apparently, I rage a lot, which provides some comical relief and is the source of my entertainment.

And I enjoy it.

Twitch is fun. It is live. It is raw. It is in real time. It offers a kind of virtual hangout. And people want to hang out and chat like this. It may seem foreign to some, but it has been embraced by many!

I have been on Twitch for nearly 1 year. Prior to that, I was on Mixer. I left Mixer when they brought Shroud on board. It’s not that I had any hard feelings about that move. Instead, it just got me thinking about Twitch. I started to look into the tools and options that it had and I liked what I saw. Plus, Mixer support couldn’t figure out why my streams were stopping suddenly and consistently even though OBS showed I was streaming. With that mix-up (pun intended) and with the options I saw on Twitch, I decided to make the switch. Good thing too! That’s easy to say this side of Mixer’s shutdown!

So, I stream on Twitch three days a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays from 8pm-10pm Pacific; and Saturdays from 12pm-4pm Pacific. That’s 8 hours a week or 32 hours in a 4 week span from 12 distinct sessions. To make Affiliate, I need 3 concurrent viewers. Right now, I am averaging about 1. And I am very thankful for that 1!

What was it like for you to start streaming on Twitch? How long did it take you to get to Affiliate? What was your tipping point?

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