Streaming and Encoding Settings: what has worked and what hasn’t

Streaming and recording. Encoding via software versus hardware. Various configurations and results.

I stream from a Ryzen 3800X CPU and Radeon 480 8GB GPU PC. I have been experiencing small amounts of dropped frames while using a stream encoder via x264 and 4500 kbps bitrate with veryfast encoding and recording encoder in a separate x264, 6000 kbps, verfast encoding. And I mean small, like 1% frame loss, and it goes in pockets, so it is intermittent.

I tried changing to AMD GPU Encoding via H.265. It worked all right–no frame loss–but then it’s output was not readily processed by Windows and also ran into an error in Adobe Premiere.

I tried changing to AMD GPU Encoding via H.264. It failed miserably. Within seconds I had 3000 dropped frames.

I had planned with the 3000 series RTX cards to pick up a 3080 and then move my 2080 TI to my stream build and remove this Radeon 480, but that setup would be overkill. It might be better just to get a cheaper RTX card for the stream PC and leave the 2080 TI in my gaming PC.

For now, I have returned to the dual x264 encoders but decreased the stream to 4000 kbps to see if it helps.

How about you? When you stream and record simultaneously, what settings are you using? Do you use AMD CPU x264? Do you use AMD GPU encoding? Do you use RTX encoding? What do you think I should do in my situation?

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