Go XLR and multitrack recordings with dual-PC setup (I can’t figure it out)

In this post I recap various struggles with setting up multitrack recordings in OBS with a dual-PC setup utilizing both a Go XLR and a Go XLR Mini.

So, I want to be able to stream to OBS audio track 1 but then separate out the tracks when recording, and I can’t figure it out.

The Go XLR supports numerous “channels”, but some are not seen or recognized by Windows to be added as separate tracks. Bear in mind I have a Go XLR attached to my Gaming PC and a Go XLR Mini to my Streaming PC, and these two boards are communicating with each other via line in/out. One example of my problem is that the Streaming PC does not see a Go XLR Mini Line In, so I can’t add it as an audio channel into OBS for a separate track recording.

Has anyone figured this out? If so, care to share your setup topography?

I tried the following:

  • Stream PC
    • Go XLR Mini
      • Line Out (to Go XLR Line In)
        • Music
        • System
      • Broadcast Mix
        • Line In
        • Music
        • System
  • Game PC
    • Go XLR
      • Line Out (to Go XLR Mini Line In)
        • Mic
        • Chat
        • System
        • Sampler

The Go XLR Mini is broadcasting the line in audio from the main Go XLR as well as the Streaming PC Music and System channels. In this way, all faders control the channels that are included in the stream, and they all go to Audio Track 1 in OBS.

The Go XLR is receiving the Streaming PC Music and System channels to output in the headphones for listening purposes. It is not looping those audio signals back to the Go XLR Mini.

The Go XLR is mixing the Mic, Chat, System (Gaming PC), and Sampler and then sending it over the Line Out to the Go XLR Mini.

The problem I am having is that the Line in on the Mini cannot be added to OBS directly as an audio channel, so I cannot add these items to a separate Audio Track in OBS. Ideally, Music would be Track 2, System Track 3, and Line In Track 4.

I tried using the Windows 10 “listen in” feature to no avail.

I tried using the Go XLR Mini routing table to set Line In to Chat Mic and then adding Chat to OBS, but it caused weird delays and audio quality issues–and did not record even though the appropriate tracks were set in advanced audio properties and in recording settings.

I tried setting the routing table to set Line In to Sampler, but it caused weird delays.

I thought about swapping the Go XLR to the Streaming PC, but it looks like it will cause more problems than it will solve.

I tried sending the Go XLR Line Out to the Streaming PC motherboard Line In, but it suffers from a ground loop noise–despite double isolators. (It might be a different noise issue from one of the other dongles/devices connected near it on the motherboard.)

I did find a how-to video from TC Helicon for using the Go XLR in a dual-PC setup for multitrack recording, but it did not mention what to do in a Go XLR plus Go XLR Mini setup. I just cannot figure it out.

As a result, I’ve returned to my single track Broadcast Stream Mix setup. Sometimes the simpler, sometimes the better.

Any suggestions?

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