I love audio

I love audio. Here are the products I use to listen to music or communicate with others.

I am a beginner audiophile.

From headphones to amps, I love audio. I love listening to metal, and the equipment I use helps accentuate the listening experience. But what exactly do I use? Keep reading after the jump to find out and don’t forget to let me know in the comments below what I can do for my next audiophile project!



I have standard earbuds for quick, easy listening and communication. The Airpods/Earpods work very good and sound great. The Airpods are more convenient due to the wireless connection.

Beats Powerbeats3

I love these earbuds as they sound just as good as the Airpods but with slightly better base. Plus, they are great for yard work, running, walking, or working out!

Beats Studios3

These over-ear headphones are great for traveling as they cancel out background noise, and they are fairly comfortable and sound great.

Beyerdynamics DT990 Pros

I use these for streaming and gaming. They are wired, and they are powered by my Go XLR. They are awesome!



Yamaha Aventage 700? With Yamaha in-ceiling speakers (5.1) with 10-inch sub

My living room is set up with this 5.1 surround sound system. It works great! The receiver is designed with music in mind but it works great for TV, movies, and video games too. I used to listen to this system over AirPlay, which is built-in on the reciever.

Insignia soundbar with Pioneer 8-inch sub

My loft has this setup. It uses an old Apple TV for music, which never happens. It provides decent 2.1 sound for my kids on their TV.

Yamaha soundbar with Pioneer 8-inch sub

My master bedroom has this setup. It uses a newer Apple TV. It’s a great 2.1 setup for TV and movies, but music is not as clear.

Audio Engine A2+ speakers with Pioneer 8-inch sub

I use this setup in my office, which you can see behind me in my videos. I love this setup. It is attached to an Airport Express for Airplay functionality. It sounds really good!

Pioneer Subwoofer

OSD ICE 8-inch in-ceiling speakers, 10-inch in-wall sub

I recently set these up during COVID-19 shutdown in my master bathroom. They are paired up with a Raspberry Pi 3 that is set up as an Airplay receiver, which then outputs to a USB DAC, and then the signal is duplicated over a single RCA male to dual RCA female pairs to split between the two amps, one for the speaker pair and one for the sub. I really like this set up!

Amps, DAC, and Receiver


I love this smart speaker. It provides the most balanced sound out of all my Hi-Fi equipment, but do not let its size fool you because it has deep bass and clear highs even at moderate-medium volumes!

What’s next?

I have a Yamaha two-channel receiver. What should I do with it?

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