RTX 3070 Sold Out, and I failed to grab one

In this blog post I recount the process of errors and poor experience I was met with when trying to purchase and acquire a NVIDIA RTX 3070 on launch day, 10/29/20, at 6:00am Pacific, which only left me tired and without a 3070.

Knowing that the new card would sell out quickly, I did some research the day prior and planned ahead. Would I be successful in becoming one of the lucky few to get one of these hyped up cards? Find out the full details after the jump.

I got up at 5:30am knowing that the card would go on sale online through Best Buy at 6:00am.

I read online that I should use an app on my phone. At 6:00am, it was not showing available on the app.

I refreshed, quit the app—nothing.

I went to the website in a browser instead, and there it was. I added it to the cart only to be met with a visual message saying that there was an extra step. I had to wait for it to clear and then try again. This time, it worked. I got it in my cart! Now was my chance!

Despite saving my profile last night, it still asked me for shipping information. Before I got the info in, it kicked my cart clear of the 3070 and said that it sold out and to try again later.

Desperate, I reloaded the page and tried again. Nothing.

A minute later, I tried again. Nothing.

A minute later, I tried again. Now, it brought me to the 2nd step as before. I was able to then add it to my cart.

Once I got into the cart again, it hiccuped. I left the cart and reloaded the site. The item was still in the cart, so I went straight back to it. However, it would not let me schedule a pickup, saying that shipping was no longer available. And the card was not available within 250 miles of my location for pickup. I was left with the card in my cart but no way to complete the purchase.

Then, the card was removed from the cart and everywhere I went it told me an error or that it was no longer available.

I’m tired.

Will you be getting a RTX 3070 or any Ampere card for that matter? Let me know in the comments below!

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