Even though every President has been and will be imperfect and will fail you to the core, get out and vote!

The political rhetoric this time of year is exhausting.

People place their faith in one individual as if they are a god, a savior.

But that hoped reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

I first heard that Condalisa Rice was our only hope way back in the George W. Bush days. Then it was Obama. Now Biden or Trump.

But the reality is that no single leader can do everything. No single President can resolve everything.

Furthermore, no President, not a single one, is perfect in every way.

What happens then is that bipartisan followers place their party’s leader on a pedastool while the opposition utterly derides them.

To the followers, do you not realize that your leader will fail you to the core?

To the opposition, do you not realize that no President has been or will be perfect?

So, vote not for a leader to save you. Vote for the best caretaker of your ideas and let the checks and balances have its way.

And vote based on deeds, not words. Politicians can talk, but words mean precious little. Actions speak louder than words. Campaign promises may not necessarily come to fruition. However, it is helpful to look at past actions and behaviors as those observed deeds are some of the best indications of future ones.

But I digress. Get out and vote!

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