Stream Plans: Hardcore Gaming Series

I talked about it last night on stream. It came to me in the middle of some PUBG after finishing Far Cry New Dawn. I tried this a year ago and gave up on it but I am going to revisit it and apply it more broadly.

Hardcore Gaming Series: play a campaign or story but delete the save file upon initial death/defeat.

I tried doing the I am the Night challenge for Batman: Arkham Asylum. I took the idea from Arkham Origins and applied it via the honor system to Asylum. I got considerably far on Hard but could not make it. Time to dust off that series.

But why stop there? I now plan to do a Hardcore Gaming Series for all of the following:

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum (Hard)
  • Dying Light (Easy)
  • Minecraft (Easy)

That should help tide me over until Dying Light 2 and Halo 6 come out, right?

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