Fixing my Mustang: door frame leaks from decrepit stickers

In this post I detail how I patched, sealed, and fixed some door frame water leaks on my S550 Mustang.

I recently encountered a leak in two spots–the same spot on each side–on my 2017 Mustang. As it turns out, it’s a relatively well-known issue but one that dealerships know nothing of. Here is a single point of reference for your reading pleasure:

Keep reading after the jump to see how I resolved it on my own.

After I got my car back from the paint shop, I waited a good 30 days before washing it with shampoo and giving it a good detail. Once I did, I realized real quickly that I had water intrusion. It instantly brought back to mind the forum post I linked earlier, so I knew to look for the stickers and found that one was missing entirely and some of the others were starting to crumble.

I took the car to the nearest dealership, and they told me that they do not have replacement stickers or parts for this issue, so they would charge me about 2 hours of labor to take each door off, duct tape each hole, and seal it with silicone caulking. I decided to do it myself instead.

I went home and ordered some Gorilla waterproof seal patch tape, gloves, automotive silicone caulking, some degreaser, and some Q-tips. I planned on cleaning the area with the door open and then patching each hole with the Gorilla tape and then using the silicone to seal it up nice and good.

I did just that, as the video above will show you.

I can’t believe I even had to do this! What are your thoughts on it? Do you think Ford should have used stickers to cover and seal these holes or should they have used rubber grommets or plugs? Let me know your thoughts and solutions in the comments below!

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