I knew this would happen: I failed to get a Xbox Series S on release

In this post I detail how I attempted to purchase a Xbox Series S on release day but failed to do so in less than 1 minute 30 seconds.

I knew this would happen.

I researched it last week and found that would be my best bet for purchasing a Xbox Series S. I set a calendar event for it so that I would not forget. I included a link to the product page as well.

Fast forward to the present, and once the clock struck 9am Pacific today I clicked the link.

My first problem: link not found. WTF? Search for Xbox Series S. Found. Add to cart. Check out. So far, so good.

My second problem: wrong name on file. It was my son’s name. Update name. Done.

My third problem: wrong credit card on file. Update payment info. Done.

I then clicked to complete the purchase only to be met with an error that the product was sold out.

I started the process at 9:00am. By 9:01:30am, it was sold out.

One minute, 30 seconds. That’s too much time? WTF? WTF? WTF!!!

Were you able to order a Xbox Series S or Series X for that matter? How did you obtain it? How quick did you do it in?

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