I Am the Nightmare: attempting to beat Dying Light on Nightmare difficulty in one life

Summary of my “I Am the Nightmare” challenge for Dying Light: a replay of the game, all levels, no glitches, with 250 Legend but have to start over upon a single death all the way from the first mission. Nuts.

I decided recently to set out to beat Arkham Asylum on hard difficulty in one life. I called it the “I Am the Night” challenge.

Well, I did it!

Now, it’s time to set my sights on Dying Light per my plan.

Here’s what I will do:

  • Replay my file save of Dying Light to retain my 250 Legend skilltree
  • Play each level on Nightmare difficulty
  • Each time I die, I must reset to the first level and start over—but I don’t have to delete the file save (I’m not losing my 250 Legend!)

I will call it the “I Am the Nightmare” challenge. Should be entertaining. I will absolutely not run at night unless I have to—because that’s straight suicide (feasibly, it is possible to manage nights with 250 Legend, but, still, to get through several hours without dying while on Nightmare difficulty will be a challenge).

Come watch, cheer me on, watch me squeal and squirm my way through Dying Light starting tomorrow, 8pm Pacific, over at Twitch.

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