My quest for the perfect keyboard and the DZ60 + KBDFans Diamond (5°)

I bought this keyboard about a year ago. It is a 60% board with no arrow keys, function row, or extra media keys. I bought it from KBDFans as a fully assembled build. It has been a great keyboard. Read all about it after the jump!

This keyboard has Cherry Red switches, an aluminum plate, and acrylic case. The DZ60 PCB has RGB underglow, so the acrylic takes advantage of the lighting. The PBT keycaps feel solid. Note that the case is called a “Diamond” outside of North America but otherwise referred to as a 5°.

It uses QMK, so I was able to customize the keymap with 5 total extra layers where the first layer is triggered by CAPS. I utilize JKL; plus CAPS for my arrow keys, and it works beautifully.

I was able to program the keyboard with RGB Light Enabled, allowing me to customize the underglow. I set mine to blue, my favorite color.

Right now, I feel like this keyboard is the closest to perfect as I could find. Still, I wish it also has per-key RGB backlighting.

Do you know of a way to add RGB per-key backlighting? What do you think of 60% keebs?

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