Kraving Kookies, Went with Krusteaz, wut I do?

I tried to make cookies. Tried.

I was craving baking cookies today.

Two things of note: (1) I don’t know how to bake generally; (2) I don’t know how to bake cookies specifically.

So, I went to the store and had a difficult time finding cookie dough. I found myself in the baking aisle and found a couple boxes of chocolate cookie mix. I figured that was what I needed. I had to choose between Krusteaz and some other brand I no longer remember. I went with Krusteaz because I like their pancake mix.

I got eggs and butter with the box and then headed home.

I mixed it. I hand kneaded it because a fork was not cutting it. Then, I whipped the mix with a fork to ensure it was well mixed.

I placed the dough on an I greased cookie sheet. The box said 2Tbsp each would make 12 cookies. I did 2Tbsp, but it only made 6. I knew immediately that something was wrong.

I put them in the oven. The box said it would take 9 minutes. After that amount of time, they were super fluffy and still glossy on top without a golden brown edge in sight. Again, I knew immediately that something was wrong.

I waited another 2 minutes. Then another. Still not done. Then another. When I pulled them out, they looked crispy like I wanted.

I let them rest. Then, I tried taking them off the sheet. They were stuck! I pried them off only to find that they were more like cake than any cookie. In fact, they resemble pancakes—chocolate chunk pancakes. Soft. Fluffy. Pancakes.


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