Do you fountain pen?

I love fountain pens. This post covers and reviews my current one, the Opus 88 Holiday Jazz.

I love fountain pens.

I have been on the quest to find the perfect keyboard as of late, but I have been on a longer quest to find the perfect fountain pen since 2010.

I have written about fountain pens previously on my former blog.

Interestingly enough, my taste in keyboards and fountain pens are similar. I have ultimately settled on acrylic for both.

I started with blue fountain pens and then switched to silver, black, and white. I started with medium nibs but found that I really enjoyed fine or extra fine more. I even tried demonstrators to be able to see the ink levels.

In the end, I settled on the Opus 88 Holiday Jazz acrylic demonstrator. It’s got a massive reservoir to fill with ink. It is an eyedropper filler pen. So far, the first ink I put in it has lasted over 9 weeks and I’m only about half-empty. I use this pen every day to take notes. I love that it is acrylic and frosted, so it goes with any color ink that I want; I also love that it is a demonstrator, so I can always see my ink levels clear as day.

The nib is fine, and it does not currently produce a wet line. It’s perfect for notes because it dries quickly enough as a result.

Right now, it is inked with Monteverde Mandarin Orange in honor of my soon-to-be move to Tennessee. It’s dark enough to be legible but it is unmistakably orange.

The pen is a screw cap, so it secures well. It is also postable, meaning I can rest the cap on the back of the pen when writing. It has a blind cap as well for improving ink flow as well as unsealing the reservoir to allow the ink to enter the section and feed; it’s a nice feature to have to help prevent burping.

Sometimes, the pen does dry up even with the blind cap open. I find it usually does that when I have the cap off or posted but I am not writing. It’s best to get this ink flowing and continue writing or screw the cap back on to seal it when not actually writing. If it does dry up, I find it easiest just to put the nip perpendicular to the paper and start tapping down repeatedly to encourage ink to flow into the section and feed.

Overall, it’s a great pen. It writes smooth. It has a nice, balanced weight and touch to it. And I love the color and how I can see the ink through it. I highly recommend this pen!

How about you? Are you into fountain pens? Which ones are your favorites?

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