TikTok sucks

Time to lament TikTok. Should I quit it?

Two days. Two videos. Both muted. Woof.

The first video, I used royalty-free Streambeats in the background. Muted.

The second video, I used TikTok’s library of songs to string together a 2 minute video. Muted.

I’m seriously considering abandoning TikTok—again.

There is no reason why these videos should have been muted. What’s worse is that there is no way to appeal. The decision is final.

Plus, this situation is not the first one where TikTok has put me in proverbial jail. The first day I opened my account, I got banned. If you recall, it was for violating community guidelines. The justification for that determination was circular: “We have determined you violated community guidelines because you violated community guidelines.” Stellar support there.

So, I’m quickly losing steam and motivation on TikTok. I have better things I can do with my time.

What do you think? Should I quit TikTok?

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