New hours, Tuesdays/Thursday 8am-10am

Whelp, not long into my new East Coast schedule, and I am already having to make accommodations and concessions with my stream.

I thought it would be helpful to keep the same hours that I had in Pacific so that we had the same rhythm as a family. But, it isn’t working and it will only continue to get worse.

Three reasons. First, I am not getting done with work until 8pm-8:30pm, delaying my success to start the stream at 8pm promptly. Second, my wife has nowhere to go to talk and chill while I am streaming and the boys are sleeping. Last, I need to be in bed by 9:30pm and can’t stream until 10pm-10:30pm. Something has to give.

Since I will be taking my son to school around 7am, and because I want to start working out and exercising, and also because I have to work late so I might as well as start work late, I am going to get up early. If I can discipline myself that is as I am not a morning person. Doing so will allow me to achieve all of these goals:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Take son to school
  • YouTube regularly
  • Stream consistently
  • Sleep 8hrs at night

So, starting tomorrow, 8/12/21, I will be streaming 8AM-10AM. I put that time in all caps because OMG WHO AM I that I would be getting up THAT early and start streaming at that early hour?

Will you join me at that hour?

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