1 year later…

I started this website 9/5/20. It’s now 9/5/21.

Why did I start it? Well, I wanted to get away from social media but still have a platform to post my thoughts and musings. I still needed a way to communicate my brand.

So, it served its purpose.

But it hasn’t helped expand my brand. I’m pretty sure the growth I’ve seen on YouTube was entirely self-contained to the platform itself.

I haven’t gotten any merch sales, subscriptions, tips, etc—neither from my Phonevon merch nor from my conservative shirts.

As a result, this website was and has been a colossal financial failure. It has sucked up my money like a black hole sucks up light.

Can I continue with this website? I’ll try for another year. If I take another financial loss, I’ll have to abandon it too just like I’ve done with Twitter, TikTok, and more so as to cut my losses. Woof.

Now for some fun facts.

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