No stream again today. Taking my wife to see the doctor for another post-op appointment.

I really want to stream and dive into more Dying Light side missions, but my wife comes first!


No stream today. Still tending to my bedridden wife. Maybe Tuesday for my next stream.

Thanks for understanding!


No stream today. Resting/recouping from my wife’s surgery yesterday.

It is currently 9am, and I am supposed to be streaming. But, I am not.

My wife had surgery yesterday. I became overwhelmed between the surgery itself and a whole slew of factors. The surgery was only supposed to be 3 hours but it took 4.5. I didn’t eat or drink for 11 hours as a result. Plus, getting my wife home was stressful as she couldn’t wear a seatbelt. Then, getting her out of the car and into the apartment was dreadful. And all while I am trying to get her situated, I had dogs needing to go potty. I didn’t get to them in time, so they relieved themselves inside the apartment. Meanwhile, my first grader hadn’t done any schooling for the day, so I had those responsibilities looming in the background. And, to cap it all off, I wasn’t able to get my wife’s post-op prescription pain killers from the pharmacy.

This last part about the pharmacy was really stressful. I went to the pharmacy that my wife got her meds from the night before save for one, which they did not have in stock—and it was the pain killer. All the other meds were for nausea, antibiotics, and the like. Nothing they had in stock would help with her pain post-op. Well, when I arrived, I was hoping that they had it in stock. They didn’t.

On my way back to the truck, I called the doctor’s office. They connected me to their nurse who told me that she moved the prescription electronically to a different pharmacy of my choice. I asked if it was immediate, and she said yes.

I arrived a few minutes later at the other pharmacy. Of course, there was a line. I waited through it patiently only to be told that there was no prescription on file. It took about 20 minutes to be told this info.

I got out of line, went outside, and I called the nurse again. She said that it was sent electronically, so they have it. She said to tell them specifically that it was sent electronically.

I went back inside and got back into line, which had doubled by now. I waited patiently, which took another 10 minutes, only to be told the same thing—there is no prescription.

Now, they took down my phone number and signed me up for text message prescription updates. They assured me that, once they receive the prescription, I would get a text message alert confirmation. They also assured me that, once they fill the prescription and it is ready for pickup, I would get another text message alert.

Well, I went home to tend to my wife and start working on my first graders school lessons. My wife began to wake up at this point, and she was in a lot of pain. I told her what had happened, so she called the second pharmacy. After a lengthy hold, she got through to someone in the pharmacy. After he did a bunch of research, he declared that they had the prescription and it had already been filled and was awaiting pickup.

Mind you that I never received a text message confirmation.

She was nearly in tears because of the pain, so I rushed out to get the prescription. I got in line, which was now triple in size. I waited patiently. Finally, I got the meds.

I got home and helped my wife. Thankfully, one of our new friends from our small group at church had helped support us by getting dinner and bringing it to us, which was a huge blessing, so I whipped up some tacos with all of the ingredients she gave us. It hit the spot.

By this point, I was beat. I was dog tired. It was only 6pm. I was mentally drained from the surgery itself. But all this worrying and stress and back-and-forth nonsense was also somehow physically exhausting. So, after dinner, I had to jump back into schooling with my first grader. Longest two hours of my life. I was falling asleep during it.

So, long story short, I am tired and drained. No stream today. We will see about Saturday.

But there will be plenty of content on my YouTube channel. Stay tuned.